Remember when you had to go to the local pizza shop with a few quarters and go straight to the arcade to play the racing game?  That was the usual first encounter for people my age with the racing wheel.  It gave you a certain adrenaline rush to sit behind the wheel with the pedal to the floor, going as fast as you can to beat your opponents.  It’s 2015 and the concept hasn’t changed but the quality and accuracy has.  Logitech aims to take over your gaming room with the Logitech G920 steering wheel, and boy, does it do a fantastic job at it.

I had never really come across a gaming wheel that was constructed  as well as the Logitech G920.  It starts at the premium leather steering wheel with aluminum paddle shifters that sit just behind it, giving you just enough grip and also the relief that it won’t be wearing down anytime soon.  This is all connected by the center of the steering wheel which is made with the same brushed aluminum and contains your face buttons and d-pad.  In other words, this is a steering wheel ready for hours of gameplay and prepared for any beating that comes its way.

What makes this wheel so intriguing is that it was made with Forza 6 in mind.  Inside of the wheel compartment is what they call dual-motor force feedback and in short, what this does is give you the realism when driving a car.  For example, if you taking a turn too fast and your wheels begin to skid, you will definitely feel it in the steering wheel along with what you see on your screen.  This is particularly accurate when I played any race in the rain, where puddles made me reconsider how hard I was stepping on the accelerator.

The G920 is also amazingly silent and that’s because of the Helical Gears that are integrated into the engine.  It reduces noise and vibration as well as maximizing the amount of control you have while maneuvering.  You’d be lucky to find another better experience when it comes to racing wheels.   But the big question here is, is it all that its built up to be?

The answer is Yes.  It puts you right at the drivers seat of your car with the level of realism that I’ve yet to find elsewhere.  If I’m being bumped by other cars, I immediately feel it.  If I take the turn too hard or too fast, I feel it.  If I even drive on grass, dirt or gravel, I feel it and its those little things that make the experience that much more amazing.  The accuracy is incredible.

Logitech’s G920 isn’t perfect though but the flaws aren’t exactly major.  The steering is definitely a two handed job, so if you want to be Dominic Torreto from Fast and Furious, then you better be ready to work out those arms like him.  One race and my arm was on fire.  I also noticed that it was a bit harder for my younger family members to play since they weren’t nearly as strong.  This also became slightly true for the pedals and because they are so well constructed, they can be a bit tough to push.  This is due to the awesome build quality so it can be mix results with different people.  The only other complaint that I had with it, is that when used with other games (like Forza Horizon or Need for Speed) it didn’t re-adjust the sensitivity of the steering wheel and made the game just a bit difficult to play.

I feel obligated to state that this is the best way to complete the perfect game room. The Logitech G920 is the definition of an exceptionally well built steering wheel paired with precision movements to provide the best possible racing simulator experience, right in your living room.  All these premium materials do come at a cost, $399 to be exact.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t include the “Drive Force Shifter” which is an additional $59.99, which is well worth getting, if you’re just that type of person who loves manual driving.  Hats off to Logitech for yet another amazing product.

Review: Logitech G G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel
The Logitech G920 is the definition of an exceptionally well built steering wheel paired with precision movements to provide the best possible racing simulator experience, right in your living room.
Build Quality10
  • Great Build Quality
  • Realistic steering
  • Amazing when paired with Forza 6
  • Not really meant for other racing games
  • Can be a bit stiff for "younger drivers"
  • Seemingly steep price tag
9.7Overall Score
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