Review: Jabra Rox Wireless Headphones

Jabra is very familiar with the wireless lifestyle as they are very well recognized for their Bluetooth headsets.  Now they are becoming more prominent in the wireless headphones market because it almost seems like I see their headphones everywhere.  The most common headphones I’ve seen would be the Jabra Revo Wireless headphones, which I think is a great selection for wireless on-ear audio.   With the Jabra Rox Headphones, they aim to please the in-ear wireless lifestyle headphone which gives you another option over other companies like Jaybird and Plantronics.


Build and Connectivity

The Jabra Rox Headphones aren’t your standard run-of-the-mill wireless ear buds as they have a feature that I find extremely useful.  The rather weird size and shape of the earbud allows for a small magnet on the end of one of the ear buds so that the aluminum backings of each stick to eachother.  This minimizes the tangling of the cable and it makes managing the headphones very simple and straightforward.  The headphones themselves have a very sturdy build and a bit of weight to them (due to the aluminum casing) which is a nice addition.  They also come with the in-ear rubbers so that it keeps the headphones nice and still.

Along the cable you have the controls and mic.  The buttons seem to be a little too flush for my fingers but the flat bottom half of the control gives you a bit of support.  Wrapping the headphones around the neck area, I found it difficult to hold conversations while walking on the noisy streets of New York.  I didn’t have the same issues indoors.  I do notice, however, that I experience connectivity problems when the phone is in my right pocket but not in my left.  A bit of an adjustment but if I do have it in my left pocket, I cannot turn my head completely to the right or those connectivity problems come up again.


With bluetooth headphones, there is usually some feature that would set it apart from the rest of the competition.  As mentioned earlier, the Jabra Rox headphones have one of the most useful features over other headphones in the market today.  The magnet on the rear end of the headphones bring them together and keep them together without having to wrap the cable around them.  What this also does is that it recognizes when the headphones are together and they immediately turn off.  Such a useful feature that saves you from plenty of headaches and untangling situations.  Best part is that they turn back on once you separate them again.    Again, very useful.



I will start by saying that the Jabra Rox headphones aren’t particularly loud like the Jaybird Bluebuds X are, but that isn’t an issue for me here.  These headphones do a really good job with noise isolation that having it at even 85% is perfect for blocking out outside noise.  I’m also impressed by how well balanced the sound is.  The bass isn’t overpowering the music but it has a sufficient bump to it.  The highs are crisp, clear and don’t become overbearing during accented music, the mids are full and present for an overall great listening experience.  I find myself zoning out into the oblivion while riding the train and listening to these headphones.  It’s actually great to hear how well balanced these headphones actually are.   The sound and noise isolation are a perfect match here.

Battery Life

The projected battery life for these headphones is about 6 hours music time and about 5.5 talk time.  I found myself pushing about 5 to 5 1/2 hours before having to juice it up again being that I mixed up the phone calls with listening to the music at 85% or above.  In terms of travel time to work, I would have to put it on the charger after at least 4 work days (generally takes me an hour to get to and from work.)  Would have been nice to get through a full work week but no complaints here.  Small package, decent battery.

Additional Notes

Jabra includes a software code with all of its headphones which personally I think should be free and not on a seemingly invite-only basis.  I found that this app adds a type of artificial sound to the music that makes the music feel a little unnatural.  Often I found myself reverting back to the stock music application or Spotify.  Normal EQ is the way to go here.


What you have here is a great sounding pair of headphones with very high functionality.  The magnet feature put these headphones in front of the competition along with its above average battery life and balanced sound.  At a retail price of $129.99, it has a greater value than some of the other competitors.  They come in black and white (both with the Jabra orange accents).  If you’re looking for Bluetooth lifestyle headphones with great sound and noise isolation, this is a deal worth bargaining for.


Review: Jabra Rox Wireless Headphones
Jabra Rox Headphones are a solid buy. No other way to describe it.
  • Nice weight
  • Great noise isolation
  • Balanced sound
  • Talking in day to day noise proves difficult
  • Control buttons are really flush
8.8Jabra Rox Wireless
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