Jabra is well known for putting out some great Bluetooth headsets to go along with your devices.  I’ve never personally owned any but I’ve heard nothing but good things about them.  The Jabra Revo Headphones will be the first of hopefully many that I will get to try and let me say, I’m impressed.  Here’s our review:

Build Quality
Not knowing exactly what to expect, I was blown away by the quality of which the headphones were built.  The hard plastic band with a soft cushion to go on the top of your head, and an aluminum bracket to hold the headphones in place.  The aluminum looks like a painted brushed plastic but when you get the feel and look closely, you can see that they put a lot of work into the making of this pair of cans.  The level of durability is almost like nothing I’ve seen before on a headphone of that price tag.  Also, Jabra had made sure to put this phone through an extensive durability test to make sure that these headphones last.  I wouldn’t suggest dropping them or throwing them around, but I can definitely say that these headphones can take a beating.


I always have my headphones on during my long commutes to school and work, and for those long periods of time I experienced very little discomfort that I would usually get from other headphones.  They have enough breathing room to keep your ears from drowning in moisture and have just the right fit to isolate the sound.  It did a very decent job at blocking out the NYC subway sounds with the occasional train chatter.

The Sound
I give every pair of cans a fair chance and with these it was no different.  After burning these in and finding the sweet spot, these sound just about perfect for the type of sound that I look for in headphones. It was surprising how balanced the sound was when you’re NOT using the dedicated application that comes with the headphones.  The application just feels a lot like a “Beats” like alternative that may not be what your looking for.

It has some of the cleanest sound I’ve experienced in quiet some time. With all these companies aiming for a “thumpier” bass and creating a muddy experience, the Revo’s had really crisp highs and mids that weren’t drowned out by the bass or highs. The bass is really clean and has just enough push to make itself present.  If you are looking for a heavy bass pair that’s primarily for hip hop and rnb, then these aren’t for you.  These are well rounded and handles every genre of music with balanced sound.

Jabra has made a great first step towards a very well thought out pair of headphones and if its in your budget, buy them.  Its stylish, sturdy and has just the sound you might have been looking for all this time.  At $199.99, the Jabra Revo Wired Headphones just may be the right pair that everyone has been needing.  The Revo Headphones are available in 2 colors, Black and White, and they are available now, so stop hesitating and give them a try.



  • Great sound, great comfort, super durable
  • Daisy chaining is a plus, especially for your significant other who can’t find their own music


  • Cheap carrying case, but its not that bad
  • No other colors?

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