Portability is everything, especially for recording audio on the go. The days of giant tape recorders for recording lectures and interviews are over. One can now get studio like audio straight from their smartphones with the help of some external mics. One of the affordable models is the iRig Mic Cast by IK Multimedia for Android and iOS.

Setup is very simple, just attach the Mic into your headphone jack and you’re ready to go. The iRig Mic Cast does come with apps of its own, iRig Recorder for recording simple straight forward audio and Vocal Live for a much more professional recording. Both of these apps work great and get the job done, though the mic works on every other audio app if you use to choose a different one. Taking a video with the Mic Cast attached will also improve sound quality, great for quick interviews at events or meetings. On the side of the Mic is a 3.5mm jack for plugging in headphones to directly monitor audio.


There are essentially just two types of modes you can use. A hi and low, both depending on the type of environment you are around. The low setting was used mainly in personal one on conversations or interviews while the high setting was used to record at a concert or interviews in loud areas like conventions or expos. Though of course you do hear some grainy feedback on high settings but the audio is by far better with the iRig Mic Cast than it would be with your standard phone microphone.


The iRig Mic Cast is a must for any podcaster who is mobile and wants to record on the go, or for a student looking to get clearer audio for his lectures. The iRig Mic Cast and its software fits the life of anyone. Vocal Live focuses on pod casters and singers by providing pro tuning software in the palm of their hand. For $40 (have been found to be around $30-$35 online), this accessory should be apart your mobile rig if looking better audio without killing your wallet. Its also cool to mention the cell phone stand came in handy plenty of times when recording voice overs hands free.

Make sure to check out the iRig Mic Cast as well as other mobile audio devices at IK Multimedia.