As complicated as the name may be to pronounce, Huawei has been in the game for quite some time.  With recent successes like the Ascend Mate 8 and the Nexus 6P, the Chinese giant is looking to continue its streak with getting into the smartwatch race.  The simply named Huawei Watch aims to take the place on your wrist with no contest.  This is the first of many, hopefully. So how does it fair?

It’s undoubtedly the most naturally looking Android wear watch to date.  Whether it be the leather strap or metal hardware, it’s an absolutely fantastic looking watch.  It’s also worth noting this watch has had the best presentation, of all smart watches to date, when it comes to the unboxing experience.  It’s elegant, carefully thought out and it makes you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth.  It’s the little things that go a long way.  We received the Black Metal variant of the watch and it absolutely feels like you can’t go wrong with any color you choose.

If there was a perfect way to describe the Huawei watch, it would be gorgeous.  No matter the situation I was in, it just always drew your eyes over to it.  It has a complete 360 degree AMOLED display with a resolution of 400×400.  This is one of the more noticeable difference vs some of the competition.  It has a 1.2Ghz Snapdragon 400, 512mb RAM and 4gb of storage and if this came out a couple years ago, this would be able to compete with a lot of phones (crazy, right?).  I could even state that this is the most premium watch on the market, compared to others in its price point.

The full 360 degree display does have a drawback, no ambient light sensor.  What this means is that you would have to manually set your watches’ brightness.  This can be cumbersome for some if you prefer the light on the watch to adjust itself based on the rooms lighting.  This wasn’t a make or break for me since I usually keep it a few notches below the highest setting where it felt just right almost 100% of the time.  If there were one more thing to complain about, it would be that Android Wear is still the same Android Wear. The potential is still there to offer much more to its users to truly make the experience of the Smart Watch concept.

Battery life was fantastic as it gave me a complete day of charge.  It could’ve lasted a bit more but as long as I get home to my charger before it completely passes out, that’s a win in my book.  I used it with my Nexus 6P and I get a ton of notifications throughout the day.  If you count my 3 email accounts, several hangout and slack conversations and your normal day to day notifications, I’d say that I put it through its paces.  Needless to say, you’ll be very satisfied with this if you don’t mind the nightly charge.

Do I think this was the best Android Wear watch for when it was released?  Yes.  Do I still think it’s the best Android Wear watch now?  I still do.  Though the price may be a bit of the heavy side, it can still compete with even the latest that has been available.  The Huawei Watch is available now starting at $349.99 and it comes with several different straps, even for the ladies.

Huawei Watch Review - Luxury meets Android
Battery Life9
  • Gorgeous
  • Premium
  • Battery life is great
  • Expensive
  • Not meant for small wrists
  • Android Wear still needs help
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