I am, by no means, a fan of in ear headphones. I will just say this right off the bat. I think they are very probing, and uninviting to the ears. I was never a fan of Bose or Sony and their models of in ear headphones. Even simple JVCs I happen to feel that they probe the inside of my brain and the sound quality is lacking. I try to stay away from the Dr. Dre Beats in ear headphones with every ounce of my being, and don’t even get me started on Skullcandy. Pass me a pair of Sennheisers or Urbanears any day. In ear headphones just aren’t for me.

Grain changed all of this. I am a believer now.


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Making a splash at the recent Engadget Expand convention in New York City, this product, along with a line of other products including a pair of over the ear headphones and a fantastic speaker system started as a kickstarter project. The in ear headphones feature a solid wood grain enclosure made from real walnut to ensure the best acoustics possible. The denser air pockets in this particular type of wood allow for a better, clearer, crisper sound. The gray tone give the headphones a beautiful earthy touch, as is the ethos of the company. As told perfectly in their website:

The design is an exercise in purpose and restraint. The silicone strain relief protects the wood housing and is comfortable on the ear and to the touch. The inline mic is simple and intuitive to use. There are no unnecessary flourishes or extraneous details.

“No unnecessary flourishes or extraneous details” is more than just accurate. These headphones feature a stylish, yet simple ergonomic design and comes bundled with multiple ear bud sizes for the perfect fit. The wire can feel a bit flimsy at times, but it is a minute detail that can be easily looked over. The uppercase G on each phone lets you know that engraved on each mini speaker is a company you can trust with quality and sound.


These just sound better than a lot of the over the ear headphones I am normally accustomed to. The bass booms, and is not too violent on the mini drivers. You really feel the bass shake through the drivers, onto the buds and into your cranium. Suffice it to say, if you don’t have the right fit of ear buds on, prepare for a bit of discomfort. When the bass booms, it can shake and rattle the inside of your ear canal, and it is not particularly safe, but that’s a clear given. A treble leveling out the bass gives these phones a beautiful, even sound no matter what EQ preset you choose if you’re into that. Music listeners and audiophiles are advised to buy and download their music at the highest bitrate possible for maximum clarity and quality to come from these phones. Sorry, Dr. Dre. THIS is what music should sound like.

As for price, with the $99 price tag, they rival most Sony in ear headphones and many over the ear headphones I have sampled in both quality and price relatively. You get a stellar sound quality at an exceptional price. Enough said.


This small audio company will definitely be going places and we can’t wait to see which way they are headed. These in ear headphone are the perfect fit for anyone looking to see what wood can do to sound and acoustics. At Engadget Expand, we got to check out Grain’s small speaker system and as the music blasted through the speaker and with a hand placed right on top of the small system, the music can be felt all throughout the body. It was such a natural and beautiful feeling to see how a thing like wood can affect music in such a way that full metal cannot. The treble can be heard clearly, the bass can be felt fully. With the in ear headphones, you get that amazing equivalent without question or compromise. Bose’s technology has some competition coming it’s way. We expect to see this company explode and see their products sold by retailers all over the country.

These in ear headphones along with their other products are available at Amazon and on their website and are the perfect gift for your audiophile friend or lover of music.