Disney Infinity 2.0 is a re-imagining of the first series. With all new stories, Toy Box 2.0, new playable Disney characters and now the inclusion of the Marvel universe, Infinity 2.0 can no longer be considered just for kids.

Our review copy of Disney Infinity 2.0 was the Marvel Edition bundle pack – which includes the Avengers Tower and playable Avengers Thor, Iron Man and Black Widow. Other Avengers characters are also available for purchase, as well as Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider Man Universe and several other Marvel heroes with the ability to cross multiple universes like Nova and Rocket Raccoon. But at the start, the Avengers story is pretty simple – battle Frost Giants, protect the city from said Giants and Loki, and upgrade your abilities. Now while the beginning intro stages can be a bit repetitive and slight boring, once the characters have a few upgraded abilities, that’s when the fun starts. Thor’s Mjolnir hammer being wielded and thrown at multiple enemies is a blast, and nothing beats reigning down some thunder at them as well. Iron Man boosts up his lasers and flying abilities, and Black Widow has much more grounded ability boosts.

Now while the characters themselves are a blast to play with, something huge is missing from the connection to the characters that we loved about 1.0. Disney Characters were less heroic but more for fun to play with – giving fans the ability to take these historic characters and bringing them to life. I felt that was missed a bit with these Marvel heroes. With just 4-5 hours in completing most of the missions, its safe to say that most of them are a bit forgettable, with the exception of a few side missions. It’s almost like the stories really didn’t make any sense and we’re just a bunch of tasks given by Nick Fury and company.



Though adding a friend to the game via Online and Offline Co-op changes the game a bit. From tackling main and side missions to just having a blast beating eachother up in the streets, Co-op was meant for this game. It’s just so much more fun with a partner – my niece just had a ball as Iron Man blasting away bad guys and to me that enhanced the experience of the game compared to when I played solo.

Visually, the game is a bit underwhelming as well. Full of bright colors and almost LEGO video game like surroundings, the Marvel universe should have been a much broader and open world experience. What we got in this game were limited access to areas and a not so good representative of New York City, which is where most of the Marvel universe is located. No addition of several iconic landmarks from the Spider-Man universe left us a bit disappointed. Nonetheless, character renders of the super heroes are very comic book and cartoony, just the way I expected them to be. Let’s also not forget to mention these new figures are stunning. Makes you just want to collect every single one whether you own the game or not.

Toy Box 2.0 has gotten a good overhaul. Making the ability of creating your own universe much easier than the last game. More objects are now available for you to use and really stretches the imagination of the player. By far my favorite part of Toy Box 2.0 is creating a whole city in space. Was just awesome to see friends of mine fall off the map and respawn in an area outside of the map – tons of laughs.

Overall, Disney Infinity 2.0 improves on a lot as far as character upgrades and Toy Box features, but fails to deliver on what made us love the original. The fun and excitement in how we played with the Disney characters really put the title in its own category and separated it from all other video games. The addition of stronger characters from the Marvel universe adds a wide variety of new stories and characters to choose from, but play completely different than from what we expected. Disney should find its own stride with these characters in future versions of Disney Infinity, and let the other popular hero franchises do their thing. For now, 2.0 is decent, but the addition of newer Disney characters like Baymax should lead for more fun.

Game Review: Disney Infinity 2.0
Disney Infinity 2.0 improves on a lot as far as character upgrades and Toy Box features, but fails to deliver on what made us love the original.
  • Addition of Marvel Characters
  • Toy Box 2.0 Much Easier To Handle
  • Improved Combat and Upgrades
  • Lacking Story
  • Characters Need More Personality
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