Starz Digital Media and Fuel Entertainment launched “Da Vinci’s Demons: The Apprentice”, an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch game that immerses players in a historical adventure featuring more than 60 mind-bending puzzles.  The launch of “The Apprentice” also coincides with the North American home video release of the hit STARZ Original series “Da Vinci’s Demons,” now available on iTunes and other distributors. Set inside da Vinci’s studio in Florence, the “Da Vinci’s Demons: The Apprentice” player assumes the role of Leonardo’s most promising pupil.  As da Vinci’s apprentice, players are tasked with designing and building a series of complex inventions, such as a crossbow or diving helmet, for some of the city’s most illustrious patrons – all of which are based off of actual da Vinci inventions. DaVinci’s Demons: The Apprentice proves to be much more than just a TV Show tie-in. It is an extremely engaging and engrossing puzzle game that helps showcase some of the great inventor’s creations.


This new app takes many notes from groundbreaking indie puzzle games like Cogs, Gears and The Room. Right from opening the app I felt as though the game wanted to be more than just a game but an experience. This app wants to put you into the shoes of the great inventor’s apprentice right from the start screen. The gyroscope is used inside the iPad to give you a realistic feel of the room you’re assigned to work in, which I felt was a nice touch in immersion. The game does a great job in teaching you the basics and making sure you don’t get lost. There is a steadily rising difficulty curve and on top of putting together gears, belt transmissions, bellows, pneumatic pipes to complete the various levels, youre given extra tasks like finding symbols, keys to unlock cogs out of position and florins hidden inside doors activated by small switches hidden deep inside each mechanism, all for the purpose of gaining the highest possible score, thus increasing incentive to go back and play again. Gears, cogs and pipes can be dragged from a convenient side menu and placed into position and you are given gears of varying sizes. Some levels even require less cogs than given to you. The entire mechanism can be turned and rotated 360 degrees using two fingers and you can see cogs turning from around the corner to see how they affect other sides relatively. Beams of light are also used in some levels. Cranks can be used to turn and rotate mirrors to guide the beam of light to its destination. Upon choosing each mechanism from the menu screen, the various creations you are assigned to assemble break down into its inner parts giving you a look at what exactly is in each invention, along with the classic blueprint background, gives the game a nice look and authentic feel. The inventions and assignments include, an astarium, a crossbow, and a diving suit.

My only real gripe was that each mechanism in almost every level is given a wooden feel which does get a bit tiring and sometimes when a gear is dragged and placed, it’s a little less than smooth but it’s really nothing gamebreaking. DaVinci’s Demons: The Apprentice nonetheless carries itself well as a solid logic puzzle game, with 5 devices and 60 individual pieces and strong replayability, you get an abundance of content for the asking price. and fans of other indie puzzlers like The Room and Cogs should definitely check this one out.

The “Da Vinci’s Demons: The Apprentice” App is available in the United States and Canada for $2.99 exclusively from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.  Season one of “Da Vinci’s Demons” is available on iTunes at

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