Tempered glass screen protectors are by far the best way to protect your smart phone displays. I’ve used them on all of my devices for as long as I could remember.   If you know these types of screen protectors, they do a great job at covering all of the display so you can guarantee maximum protection. Unfortunately, Apple took the next step in their design and had the display curve off the edges for a “seamless transition” of glass and metal. Though the design is great for having a better grip, this causes a bit of interruption (for lack of better words) in how a glass screen protector defends your display. “The Crown” plans to be the answer to your worries, or is it?


Every glass screen protector that I’ve purchased has never “fully” covered the display. Since the edges are curved, there is really no way to get that maximum protection since they don’t really manufacture screen protectors with bent edges. In most cases, you will have about a centimeter of unprotected space around the border of your display (as shown in pictures). This discourages many people since they want “full” protection and aren’t really getting it. Even I was a bit disappointed with how the screen protector left my phone, even if it was slight, unprotected.

Bodyguardz went evolved the concept of the protector to adapt to that of the iPhone 6 (and 6 plus) display. “The Crown” takes care of that irritating little gap and protects it the way its meant to be. You start with the glass, which is cut out the same way most screen protectors are, but its specifically measured so that the gap can be filled with the second piece which can come in black or white, depending on your display color. You don’t lose the “seamless transition” and you still keep that high level of protection and quiet possibly even make it better.


The installation was as simple as it can get as everything is measured to perfection. The glass is taped to the plastic, which you use to get it centered correctly for the second piece to fit. I’d say it’s the second easiest process to apply of any protector I’ve come across.   Once applied, I was amazed at how it felt and how good it was to know that the display is 100% covered. All until I came across one problem and it’s my biggest concern, my case didn’t fit anymore. I’m not fond of cases but I do think that it’s the best way to make sure you keep your device in absolute pristine condition and this disrupted that. It fixed one problem and another one was created.

Luckily, I do have a “DBrand” skin on my device, which already protected the back of my device so I didn’t mind my device being case-free. Bodyguardz did a great job with this idea and I’m sure many, who don’t like cases especially, will find this useful. It is available now in both black and white for both iPhone 6 and 6+ retailing for $39.95 over at www.Bodyguardz.com.   No case? I’d highly suggest getting yourself one of these, its basically unnoticeable.

Review: Bodyguardz "The Crown" for iPhone 6/6+
"The Crown" is innovative and can be great, if you prefer not to have a case.
The Good
  • Great idea, executed well
  • Feels like its not there
The Ugly
  • Can't use it with a case
  • Dust can easily creep in while installing
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