Everyone knows Blue for their reliable, affordable, above-your-average microphones to fill in that void in the usual audio department.  Its with no question that, putting your budget into consideration, they have a wide variety of microphones.  Most importantly, I have yet to run into a case where one just wasn’t up to par.  Luckily for me, I got to try Blue’s new Mo-Fi headphones which have been nothing but a pleasure, but is it worth the buy?


This has to be the STURDIEST pair of headphones that I’ve ever had my hands on.  These have this Iron Man-like feel to them with the build quality on these.  First, you have the aluminum headband which have these terminator style arms that flex like a chickens legs, extremely strong chicken legs (probably could’ve chosen a stronger bird).  On the top of the headband you have the adjustable nob to control the fit of the headphones, a feature that was necessary and very useful.  At the end of the headband you have two plastic ear cups with thicker (and more comfortable) than your average pads.  These ear cups also house the built-in amp which is used to drive these 50mm drivers.

With the sturdy build, comes a cost that is obvious which is weight.  The heavier the materials used, the harder it will become to keep the overall weight of the headphones to a minimum.  These headphones weigh in at 466g (or 16.44oz) which, to put into perspective, is equivalent to 2.5 Sennheiser Momentum headphones, 1.5 Audiotechnica ATH M50x’s or 6 JBL Synchros S700s (yeah, 6).   If you ask me, that’s heavier than anything that I have in my arsenal and I bet that goes the same for mostly everyone.  The question that comes up usually when I show people these headphones is “does it ruin the experience?”.  The answer to that question is that it depends.

On a high note, I didn’t experience fatigue from the ear pads or the ear cups like most headphones.  Instead, the weight is what caused the problem for me.  The weight definitely restricted the amount of time that I spent listening to the headphones.  After a short amount of time, just over an hour of use, I began to feel the strain on my neck.  It’s a pain similar to one that’s caused from carrying kids on your shoulders; makes you want to stretch those muscles after awhile.  This could easily make or break these headphones.



Blue wanted to put drivers into these headphones that would “marry with the built-in amplifiers”.  What this means is that the drivers that are built-in to the headphones aren’t powered easily by amps on mobile phones or simple mp3 players.  Instead, they require an amplifier to give you the true audiophile experience.  At the time during my review process, Tidal was released so I used this as my testing grounds since I don’t have many high quality files as most audiophiles.

First, the sound doesn’t have a flat response as it can be a bit to the warmer side of the spectrum.  This favors bassy music or songs that accentuate the mid to lower half of the sound.  I found this to be particularly favorable when listening to big band music and could hear distinct differences between my favorite part of the woodwind section.  Secondly, the soundstage is huge.  This helps with the listening experience as it can give you a better representation of what the artist intended for you to hear.  I actually experienced this first hand as I saw one of my favorite artists live and got an experience very close to that when listening to it through the Mo-fi.

Last, but not least, the amplifier does “marry” well with the drivers.  Its great to not have to carry a huge high quality media player along with an amp to get the most out of your music or your headphones.  To go from a Fiio x5 and an e12 amp to just my iPhone and the Blue headphones, eliminates the problem of portability.  There is nothing like an audiophile setup on the go and as long as you have the music to go with it, then you’ll be one happy consumer.

Battery Life

The Blue Mo-Fi headphones feature a 1020mAh battery to fire up that built-in amplifier.  The built in micro USB port is awesome since most headphones don’t really offer this.  Most of them would have a dedicated cable for that which made it harder if you ever lost it.  Mo-fi doesn’t exactly give you an estimate as to how long this would last, but I was able to stretch at least 12 hours of heavy listening before hugging the wall with these.  One of the features that help preserve that long lasting battery is when you actually take off the headphones.  Its hard enough to have to take them off and also remember to turn them off, so Blue did 50% of the work for you.  Once the ear pads are touching each other, there is a sensor that recognizes this and immediately “sleeps” the headphones.  Its an almost instant action as you can just as easily put them back on to resume playback.  It doesn’t pause your music, but that’s just being nitpicky.


Blue does it again with putting out quality pieces of equipment essential for professionals or even newcomers.  The Blue Mo-Fi headphones offer a ton of value as well as doing things right.  I’ve run into several headphones where the amplifier ruined the experience or the drivers were just overwhelmed.  If your willing to accept the amazing build quality and sound over the weight, then you have an absolute must have here.  This is a $350 pair of cans that just refuse to disappoint no matter what you throw at them.  They are available now over at bluemic.com and only come in one color.  Let your ears be grateful.

Review: Blue Mo-Fi Headphones
The Blue Mo-Fi headphones are a steal for $350, giving you one hell of a value.
Build Quality10
Battery Life9.5
The Ups
  • Great sound
  • Can use even after dead battery
  • Very useful features
The Downs
  • Weight can limit long time use
  • Audio cables are unique, therefore not replaceable with other brand cables
9.3Overall Score
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