Just like a movie franchise that just will not cease to exist, BlackBerry, formerly known as Research in Motion, is back with a device that is sure to be a Classic. Too soon for the puns? Let’s begin.


Blackberry in it’s prime came with a certain image of being a professional or an executive, hell, even the President used BlackBerry devices. The latest BlackBerry Classic upholds that image with a top notch design rivaling the fan favorite, Bold 9000; which to this date is the best designed Blackberry. In fact, the Classic is very similar in size in hand to the Bold 9000 except with a carbon fiber look in the back. The best thing about it unlike the 9000 is the track pad which was introduced after with the Bold 9700 model and how can I forget the QWERTY physical keyboard. Blackberry still makes the best, perhaps only, physical keyboard phones left on the market. The display is nothing to be proud of with competition from Apple and high-end Android devices that dominate that market you do not purchase a Blackberry to look at movies, you’re looking at emails and spreadsheets which the display does it job getting it done with the texts and icons on screen looking sharp. Overall, you can tell the Classic was designed by no slouches everything on the outside feels sturdy and responsive from they keyboard to the volume rockers.

Internally, the Classic is a little powerhouse with 2gb of RAM and 16gb of internal memory with the option of expanding up to 128gb of memory with a microSD card. Powering it is Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.5ghz dual core Krait which gets the job done for the average Blackberry user. I face some stutters in performance; however, I will touch on the later in the review.


Blackberry runs on Blackberry, sorry for another pun, to be more specific it runs on Blackberry 10. I owned four blackberries in my life from the curve all the way to the torch and I can not say the OS is good or bad compared to the previous blackberries I own. It just works for what the device is trying to achieve. All the stock apps feel outdated and lack features that other greats apps have that are better such as Evernote. What Blackberry does to help the Classic is access to Amazon Appstore; however, there are still apps that I could not download such as Uber though perhaps the biggest issue is Google. Google apps are sorely missed and in a world where everyone using Google and Google apps in one way or another. I do like how they manage the notification center though in my opinion I would want to see it in done in other OS’ ,you see the line of apps on the side in a white with their respective amount of unread notification and tapping it brings up a preview and exiting it brings you into a Blackberry Hub which has all your texts, emails, missed calls, direct messages, you name it it’s very clean and efficient and a big plus is actual push email that comes instantly which was dearly missed from when I owned a Blackberry in conjunction with amazing security. Besides that there is nothing else to be expected from the software though, this phone lies on the support of 3rd party apps from the Amazon App store.


The Classic camera is 8-megapixel, but that does not save it from some of the horrendous photos it takes, which is a shame. Photos taken of a light source are blown out as if you are using Instagram or a VSCO filter or some photos look as if their is a haze. It’s definitely a hit or miss when you take photos with this device and best believe you’re going to be that person asking to re-take a photo with your friends because of you being disappointed from the results, but from my experiences with Blackberries, the camera was never the main reason for the purchase.


The Classic is going to do what it is made to do, by that I mean send out a quick text or scan through any important emails. If you’re trying to listen to Spotify or watch movies that is where I had some issues. Spotify often crash multiple times before it worked and movies I watched on Plex had a difficult time scrolling through. You can tell some apps where never made to be used on Blackberry. It’s like forcing a square block in a round hole and you get it stuck, but it fit. The battery is a lot better than other phones in the market lasting two days without charging probably because you are not going to be playing much games on this phone and only using it as what a smartphone was intended for in the past, as a means to communicate.


This is where I try to convince you whether the Classic is a phone you should get or not, in fact it is, as a second device. I was using the Classic in conjunction with my iPhone 6 and I have never been more on top of what I needed to get done and also with how fast I was able to respond to emails with the keyboard. All my updates came in a flash and where all at one location able to be seen, read, and archive. I would definite recommend a person to pick this up a second device or if you’re not into the whole instagram, pinterest, snapchat generation and what something that is going to get the job done in communicating with who you need to then the Classic is a good device.

Mobile Review: BlackBerry Classic (AT&T)
Th BlackBerry Classic is a great homage to the Bold and offers many features for the hardcore fans, though the OS makes it hard to recommend to non business users.
The Good
  • Battery Life
  • Organization of The Hub
  • Physical Keyboard & Shortcuts
The Ugly
  • Camera
  • Lack of apps from BB World & Amazon
  • OS needs a bit more work
7Overall Score
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