Years back the audio game was ran by the Pioneers and Technics with a touch of SONY, but as technology advances and the economy gets worst, newer companies arise to fill the void of consumer affordable audio products. With a few years under their belt, Bell’o aims to be the go to company for some of the best sounding headphones under $50, and they do just that with their Digital BDH654 In-Ear Headphones.


So right out of the box is nothing too spectacular. Bell’o includes their ear buds with 3 ear tip sizes and a small protective carrying case. Now although it doesn’t seem like much, their presentation in packaging was great, which is a huge plus for me.

These ear buds feature a steel tip which holds the Gold Plated 3.5 connection, a decent length flat tangle free cable and leading up to the buds themselves. The bus are covered with a gunmetal and copper color finish and look great. There is also an in line remote on the left ear bud cable for call/music functionality. Sadly you can only take full advantage of the remote with an iOS device as I encountered issues with no volume control ability on Android devices. The buttons are equally separated for easy access and call quality over the in line mic was above average.


So the Bell’o Digital’s look great, but does their sound quality match the presentation? Immediately following my new burn-in headphone process, I was blown away. For the price tag of $40, these are the best sounding ear buds I have used. There’s a good mix of bass and overall clarity in vocals. When volume is about 75%, you get a great balance of highs and mids without overbearing bass, but the issue occurred past that. Highs just begin to over power everything that say a high note or even symbols in the background becoming too much for your ear. There is also a great amount of treble when listening to music with high volume levels. This little problem really doesn’t hurt the overall quality or purchase decision, but it should be noted.

Overall, the Bell’o Digital Headphones did a great job at providing better audio quality then most included mobile ear buds. If you are also wondering about noise cancellation, there is minor cancellation but as I live in New York City, there was always some type of ambient noise seeping through. So without a doubt I’d recommend these Bell’o Ear Buds; great audio, simple and affordable. What more could you ask for?