Astro Gaming set the tone years ago when they first introduced the A40 Headset. A headset designed and tuned for competitive gamers that went mainstream with casual gamers at home. Years have passed and many headsets released since the original, one of those being the Astro A30’s. A slim portable headset targeting the gamer on the go and the very casual at home console gamers. Years later we come to an all new headset, the A38. While Astro doesn’t market the A38 as a step up from the A30’s, they are very similar but also very different. The A30 feature the Astro MixAmp and removable boom mic for console or pc gaming use. The new A38’s are wireless.

So let’s get to it. Here is why the A38’s, in my opinion, are the best headphones Astro Gaming has ever produced.

Side by side, the A30 and A38 are almost identical as far as design goes. A large hard plastic headband with very little padding on the inner top provides some comfort. The way the headband is designed allows the headphones to rest very comfortably on any type of head whether small or large. On the outer top is a raised Astro logo, and the ear cups feature Astro’ removable speaker tags – which can be customized with your own design for a price. On the ear cups are where you find your media buttons with Power/Pairing and Pause/Skip/Back being two buttons on the back left cup and your volume up/down on the back right. You also have a mic mute switch on the bottom left and your microUSB port on the bottom right for charging.

Pairing is super easy when first powered on, and the A38’s can also be paired to more than one device. Simply turn on Bluetooth from your device and search for the A38 or use the NFC pairing tag found on the left ear cup. BTW, audio companies, please place NFC pairing on future headphones – it’s the best!

Now my favorite part of these headphones are the ear cups themselves. Astro went with a very soft leather and memory foamish cushion, which are super comfortable. These headphones also have noise cancellation and work great as soon as you placed them on your head, though don’t expect to have your environment completely drowned out if in a noisy place. In New York City I’m still able to hear traffic and oncoming trains as they come by, but in quieter situations the headphones do great to isolate sound.

Performance wise, the A38’s surprised me for sure. Battery life is superb with my pair running on one charge up to two weeks with a use of about 2-3 hours a day. Charging them via the microUSB is also pretty quick at just a little over an hour. The built in microphone was also an improvement but still doest say much. The mic is a bit too sensitive and picks up alot of ambient noise like city life and even the wind, but callers were able to hear my voice much greater than the environment which was good. Music sounds great with a balance of audio all around. Lows and mids are pretty much stable with no excessive amount of bass overbearing tracks, mids and highs allowing for instruments and vocals to really pop out in tracks. There is also a very good clarity in the tracks to give you a nice listening experience.

Now of course this headphone is in another league compared to other higher branded audio companies but what Astro was able to pack in how A38’s for comfort, build, customization, battery life, and audio was very impressive, kudos Astro. The Astro A38 have a price tag of $200 which are a great price point for many and even loyal Astroites will jump on this quick, but if the price is an issue, catch Astro at an expo for special sales and even online at Astro Gaming.

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Review: Astro Gaming A38 Bluetooth Headset
The Astro A38's are a fantastic pair of Bluetooth headphones. Giving you the familiar Astro feel and customization at a fantastic price point.
The Good
  • Familiar & comfortable design
  • NFC pairing is a plus
  • Great battery life
The Ugly
  • Mic is still Astro's weakness
9Overall Score
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