Back in 2010, I received my first pair of original A40’s and loved them. I used them for virtually anything that required headphones. When I first noticed Astro Gaming was putting out a pair of A40s just for the Xbox One, I couldn’t sit still. The specs between the original A40s and the Xbox One A40s seemed the same, but with a specially designed chat adapter and aastroband
sexy color schem. I couldn’t talk myself out of it.

Just like every Astro Gaming headset, this one is still just as comfortable as the rest. They sit close to the top of your head, and create a comfortable seal around your ears. This is mostly due to the over-the-ear pads. The pads are made of a soft, airy material to help combat sweaty and hot ears due to hours of gaming. They also don’t weigh on your head after hours of gaming either. I played a few hours of Call of Duty, Destiny, and Madden to see how they felt after a long gaming session.l and never felt the need to adjust the headset, re position the ear cups, or even take them off. They are light, durable, and can take a beating. I went to put the headset down on my desk as I was going to get a drink, and I clumsily knocked them off onto the ground. Needless to say, my nerves took a better beating than the headset did.

Comfort is a big plus, but audio quality is what sells the product. Keep in mind the A40s Xbox One edition is stereo based, so if you want 7.1 surround sound, you will have to use an Astro Mixamp Pro. Nonetheless, the quality is pretty damn impressive. The gunshots are clear, crisp, and leveled in Advanced Warfare. The crack of a sniper rifle round going off was something that made me smile. I could hear enemy footsteps clearer, faster, and further than any other headset I have used. The clarity this headset gives is how game audio should always be: Clear.

The detachable mic is labeled as “unidirectional”, which means it can be used on either the right or the left side depending on the player’s preference. If you aren’t using the mic than you can flip it up so it is out of the way, but still attached in case you need it. I always keep my mic attached, but it can detach off. The mic is flexible enough that it can be molded to any shape that is comfortable for you, but also is strong enough to hold that shape. The A40 Xbox One’s mic catches my voice very clearly for when I am in a party chat.

Now on to the most important part of this headset, the mixamp. It rests on the bottom of the controller and gives you access 3 different EQ’s, a mute button and volume/chat mixer. The mixamp may be tiny, but it is definitely powerful. The layout of the mixamp is easy to work on the fly, and soon I was adjusting the settings without looking. I didn’t need to adjust my wrists or move my finger positions. The wire of the mixamp plugs directly into the A40 headset with a 3.5mm male adapter.

The Astro A40s Xbox One edition may be made specifically for the Xbox One, but you can still use the headset for different things. It comes with a 3.5mm wire to use with virtually compareany other device. I use my headset for listening to music on my phone, gaming on my PC, and sometimes just for watching videos. You can use the A40s for PC gaming. However, you will need to buy a mic/speaker splitter. The sound quality is amazing for music. I personally like a punchy bass when I am listening to music, and the A40s do a pretty good job at that.

I don’t feel like I missed out on the opportunity to swap out my universal A40s for the Xbox One A40s. Everything included in the box delivers spectacularly, and even better than I thought. If you are looking for a an audiophile headset then I would recommend on passing these up. However, for $200 there is virtually no way you will walk away unhappy. Yes, it is a steep price range. Yes, it is a lot for a console dedicated headset. My response to those arguments is that you get what you pay for. Even if something breaks, I have dealt with Astro’s customer service department personally. They are easy to work with and are willing to do anything to help fix your problem. Astro Gaming is a fantastic company, and they are known to be one of, if not the, best audio gaming companies out on the market. If you want the best, buy the best!

Review: Astro A40s + Mixamp M80 For Xbox One
For a headset that is so steep in price, the Astro A40s for Xbox One do not disappoint!
  • Comfortable
  • Keeps the same exterior design
  • Works well for both gaming and music
  • Wires are a bit too short
  • Price point could deter potential customers