Today via social media, Razer announced that they will be doing a 24 hour sale. All accessories and gear are 50% off while gaming systems are 30% off. Razer’s Facebook shared Min-Liang Tan’s post, which is the company’s co-founder and CEO.


Well, you guys will know we rarely (if ever) do sales or promotions, but we have a custom at Razer that when we have a mega win like this – we have a victory lap and celebrate together with our fan base with a mega sale.

So here it comes – we’re going to do 50% off all Razer gaming gear (except for systems which will be at 30% off) on the RazerStore for 24 hours starting Jan 12 6pm PST to Jan 13 5:59pm PST. Everyone is limited to 1 item only. During this time, the store will get an intense amount of traffic, slow down, etc and things will fly off the virtual shelves so get ready.

Further, we will be doing the sale via distributing unique RazerStore codes via Razer Insider ONLY – so if you’re not already actively participating on Insider – you’ll want to get on it.


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