One of the industry leaders for both software and hardware for gamers, Razer, showed us their new controller dubbed Wildcat.  This controller, for Xbox One only, is targeted toward the pro-gamer who is looking for a durable and more accurate experience throughout gameplay.  We all know that when it comes to competitive play, every advantage counts and it starts with the controller.

The Razer Wildcat is constructed of high quality parts to increase durability.  The thumb sticks are made of high carbon steel necks and the triggers (at the bottom) are made with aircraft grade aluminum.  These additions on the controller are still 25% lighter than most tournament grade controllers. Keep in mind the main body of the controller is still plastic.

The Wildcat has four additional buttons (2 on the shoulder and 2 on the back of the controller) which can be remapped with any of the buttons on the controller.  This is generally most helpful in shooters where you need to jump or crouch quickly without losing the ability to aim. A huge upside to this controller is that it also includes a 4-button quick control panel for sound and button management.  If you need to remap one of the buttons mid-game, you can do so quickly in a few seconds.  Lastly, you have a button that allows you to have 2 preset button layouts for the four additional buttons.  For example, if you have different button schemes for multiple actions, they are both accessible at the touch of a button.

This E-Sports ready controller will NOT be available in a wireless variant and will have a detachable lightweight braided fiber cable.  It will come paired with optional rubber palm grips, optional analog stick grip caps, and a carrying case.  It will retail for $149.99 and is due to release in October later this year.