Today it was announced that Razer, inc. acquired Ouya in an all cash deal. Also, Razer is not acquiring the hardware part of Ouya’s business, specifically the microconsole and controller. It seems as if Razer has gone through with this deal to acquire Ouya’s technical and developer relations teams to expand Razer’s Android TV gaming business, specifically around its Forge TV console and the Cortex gaming platform. Notably, Ouya’s CEO and founder, Julie Uhrman, isn’t transitioning over to Razer, but she supports the deal.

Razer’s CEO, co-founder, and creative director, Min-Liang Tan,ouyarazer put out this quote VIA Facebook:

So the story’s out that we’ve acquired the software assets of OUYA and will be integrating their games and their store into our Forge TV.

The OUYA brand will live on as a publisher of games – not just to OUYA hardware – but to Android TV and Android based TV game consoles like XiaoMi’s MiBox and Alibaba’s TMall boxes.

So in short, we’re amping up the work of OUYA to 11.

I’ll be doing a full AMA on Razer Insider soon – so stay tuned!


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