After what many people determined to be a success for BlackBerry (announcement of OS 10, as well as the Z10 and Q10), they have announced their new BlackBerry Q5 which is their entry level smartphone. While this isn’t a particular bold move by the company, as this has been a business practice they have used before and to a lot of success. Taking at the phone itself, it almost reminds me of the Curve that was originally released back in 2007. The Curve was always slated to be the Bold’s little brother, so it makes sense what BlackBerry is doing here by making the Q5 the younger brother of the Q10.

Getting into the specs of the phone, you are getting a traditional QWERTY keyboard with the phone which are the majority of the buttons on the device. The phone is rocking a 3.1′ (720 x 720 resolution) screen, which will be your main source of navigation on the device. A note on the screen itself, it is a normal LCD screen, getting rid of the OLED screen in favour of making it cheaper for the consumer. Also included on the phone has both a 5 megapixel camera and a 2 megapixel front facing camera, and comes equipped with a 1.2ghz Snapdragon processor. Also included on the phone is 8GB of built in storage, as well as a microSD card tray on the side that makes the phone expandable up to 32GB.

Taking a look at the hardware build of the phone, it seems that the Q5 is significantly smaller than the Q10, which might cause some issue for you if you are used to bigger phones. The plastic shell that imcompases the phone will be available in a range of colours, launching with Black, White, Red and Pink. More colours could possibly be available as the phone comes to more markets, we are just going to have to wait to see what BlackBerry’s future plans are for the device.

The device is expected to launch later July and will be available in selected markets in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia (including the Asia Pacific region), and Latin America.