We have seen this all before, a waterproof casing or coating to apply on your phone for protection. But what if you never needed that. Kyocera showed off and live demoed their new waterproof Android device at Pepcom’s “Holiday Spectacular” event in New York City. Running on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and available on Boost Mobile for just $130, the small mid level device was put up to the true test of waterproof being dunked in a jar full of water. Check out the interview below for more info on the Hydro as well as the result of phone dunk.

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  • iimaafe

    STAY AWAY!!! I am
    VERY DISAPPOINTED with the Kyocera Hydro. I purchased it because I have a koi
    pond business and the phone is advertised and as water proof. It fell in a pond
    filled one foot and a half of water deep I retrieved it within 10 to 20
    seconds. Then I placed it on a patio table to dry. Approximately thirty minutes
    later I tried to make a phone call, but the screen remained black. The next day
    I returned it to the store and was sent back to Kyocera. Kyocera insists that the phone passes all
    tests and that it is not defective. I
    never claimed that it was; but rather, that I am not able to use it because comes
    on the screen. To further my frustration Kyocera doesn’t want to stand behind
    its claim, “the Kyocera Hydro is water proof”. I have had a water proof camera for
    three years which I use to document my underwater work and I don’t have any
    issues with it—because it’s a water proof camera. Ongoing matter since 10/18/12