Kill, drink, and kill some more in WASTED, a roguelike post-apocalyptic pub crawler set in a lawless wasteland that lives and dies by the rules “Get wasted, or get wasted trying.”

When a thermonuclear blitzkrieg bereaves America of its greatest minds, the very hardiest specimens of humanity cling on to life. From the ashes of old America, a new world emerges, and an ersatz, post-apocalyptic, stillborn 80’s continues indefinitely, populated entirely by the toughest, meanest, and outright dumbest of God’s creations, the Wasters.

During this year’s Pax East, Adult Swim was showcasing one of their upcoming indie RPG first-person shooters: Wasted. 

I got to play the upcoming first-person RPG shooter, and I must say, it’s a fun game! Initially, when you first play the game, it feels like a mixture of Goldeneye mixed with the art style of Borderlands, but in an 80’s type of environment.

You play as a Waster, and you are fighting for your life by fighting off mutated humans, but also trying to survive by feeding your urge for alcohol.  One of the things that really stood out for me is that you are able to drink a special kind of booze that comes from beneath the earth , and by doing so, it gives you mutational abilities to use to fight off enemies. By drinking this special kind of booze it gives player’s powers that can either help you throughout your missions or it can affect you in a way that it would make it more difficult to fight off your enemies.  As you fight these mutated wasters, you also have a wide variety of weapons to choose  from. Some of these weapons consist of guns, bats, axes, nail guns, and more! I feel like this game will be appealing to the indie game lovers who love post-apocalyptic shooters.

Check out the trailer below and be on the lookout for Wasted, when it hits Steam users this summer.