SteelSeries was in attendance on the show floor following their absence last year and this time they brought three new products along for demoing. The have announced new products to launch in a very comfortable price point to go along their lineup of options in hardware.

First up was the Rival 100 mouse which comes in at just $40 and is a great entry level gaming mouse. I tested the original Rival a few years back which is now known as the Rival 300. It is a bit smaller and much more comfortable than the Rival 300 in my opinion. Nothing fancy about this mouse besides six programmable buttons, Prism RGB and the availability of 7 different colors for the mouse.

Next up is the Siberia 350, which were formally the Siberia V3 Prism’s. While I never had the chance to try those out the 350’s follow the traditional style of the Siberia’s with the elastic headband to fit most head size’s, comfortable noise isolating ear cups, and Prism RGB lighting. These work for PC, Mac, and PS4 – available now for $120.

Lastly, the Apex M500 keyboard. This keyboard is a much smaller and compact version of their popular Apex M800. While the M800 offered SteelSeries’ own creation of key switches and ultimate customization of keys, the M500 simplifies this design and targets the tournament pro gamer. No extra keys on the keyboard besides a full number pad on the side, the M500 resembles their older and fan favorite 6GV2 and 7G keyboards. This keyboard features Cherry MX Red switches and retails for just $100.

SteelSeries came prepared to snatch some new up and coming PC gamers to try out their arsenal of hardware without breaking bank and I cant wait to try them out soon!