The next first person shooter title from veteran designer Cliff Blezinski is one that plays very familiar to other we have seen in the market, but also gives it a different feel. ‘Lawbreakers’ is developed by Boss Key Productions and published by Nexon.

I had the chance to get a quick game in during Pax and while the mechanics of the game were very familiar, the overall gameplay felt different. As soon as I was about a minute in, the diversity of the game as far as classes go was very noticeable. Some characters shoot guns, others wield weapons and grapple from place to place, some are higher in speed and others on health. It really makes you think about your style of play for Lawbreakers and even adds a sense of team work when picking classes. The overall game feels like a hybrid of many games in one and then flips it upside down as Lawbreakers defies gravity. Movement is something that many other games have experimented with but Lawbreakers just feels right.

I enjoyed the game a lot, mainly due to its fact paced gameplay and the importance of having a great team. While I wasn’t able to get much time with the game, IGN has published a video going a bit more in-depth with the game  (posted below). Lawbreakers is currently in Pre Alpha and players are able to sign up now to join the Alpha when available. I truly cant wait for the game and Lawbreakers was one of the best games I had a chance to play at Pax East.