Rock Band 4 was missing a lot, and Harmonix was on the receiving end of countless complaints and suggestions from a fans on missing features. Well here at Pax East, Harmonix finally delivered some great news on features and even some on third party instrument compatibility.

Online Multiplayer will finally be making its way to Rock Band 4, but, not until the Holiday. It still bums me out this wasn’t included at launch since RB3 had it but nonetheless Online Multiplayer will get me back to playing the game again.

Also announced wereDouble Kick Pedal support and ION Drums support for Xbox One coming from their new partners, PDP. The ION Drum set changed the game for Xbox so I’m excited to see it return for this new game.

We also got the news of Gearboxs’ own Battleborn characters being playable in Rock Band 4. Though details haven’t fully been released, here’s a teaser image from the Gearbox panel!

Check out the full list below of all the new stuff coming to Rock Band 4:

  • BattlebornĀ® characters available as playable characters in RB4 coming in May
  • Double Kick Pedal support coming in May
  • Practice Mode coming in June
  • ION drums support for Xbox One coming in the fall from our partners at PDP 
  • An expansion pack coming to Rock Band 4 in the fall featuring big new features