The Otterbox Resurgence charging was one hell of a great case for the iPhone 5/5S, but their were many small issues that held it back. At CES, Otterbox has officially shown its new and improved ResurgencePower case Рnow for the iPhone 6. The new and improved Resurgence will provide your iPhone 6 with more than two-times the battery life, all coming from a 2,600mAh battery. Resurgence is made up of a specially formulated polycarbonate to improve impact resistance and absorb energy from drops and bumps. The case is rigorously tested to meet MIL STD 810G-516.6, a third-party test that drops the case on all faces, edges and corners from four feet.

The Resurgence case also incorporates auto-stop technology which conveniently shuts off the case when the phone has reached full charge, saving extra battery for later. Resurgence supports both wired and wireless syncing without removing the case and includes a headphone jack extender, though Otterbox has improved the bottom cuts allowing most standard headphones to now fit in the case without the use of the extender.

Otterbox has state the Resurgence case will be on sale some time in the coming weeks for a $99 price tag.