This all new gameplay from Destiny is just the beginning of huge news coming from Bungie about its long awaited title. The gameplay shown above titled “The Devil’s Lair” shows us a lot of how the game will play. From watching this, Destiny looks like a huge hybrid of Halo, Mass Effect and Borderlands mainly; which isn’t a bad thing at all. Gameplay looks balanced and not too fast paced, so if you enjoy the shooting gameplay of Borderlands, this will be right up your alley. Strike is the gametype they are showing off and seems to be a more Co-Op based gametype involving you to handle different objectives as a team. Personally I enjoyed watching the gameplay and shows that Bungie is really pushing for an enjoyable play time rather than making Destiny the next “Call of Duty Killer.”

With more news and gameplay being released for Destiny, we are excited to get some hands-on at E3, so make sure to stay tuned to Official RTV for more news!