With the war reaching its climax in the manga, sort of (no spoilers here), it is hard to think of where Namco Bandai would go to continue the Ultimate Ninja Storm franchise.¬†Aware of where the last game left off, they don’t exactly have a lot to build on in terms of story. In Revolution they show that by still moving us up but including two brand new story’s that have never been told: the formation of the Akatsuki and the story of¬†Shisui Uchiha and Itachi Uchiha. In short: more Naruto fillers. To be fair, interesting Naruto fillers.

Two editions of the game have also been announced. The Day 1 Rivals Editions that will include character skins for Naruto and Sasuke in one another’s costumes and the Samurai Edition that includes the codes for the Day 1 edition as well as a Naruto Samurai statue and a steel case.


The exact release date hasn’t entirely been said but the window for release is this September (barring any setbacks).