If you were looking forward to a new baseball game on the Xbox 360 or Xbox One this year, I’m sadly here to say that the possibilities of that happening are now 0%. 2K has officially declined to renew its license for the MLB 2K series thus ending the MLB 2K brand for good.

A 2K representative spoke with Polygon and issued the following statement in regards to the cancellation:

“We have decided not to renew our MLB 2K series for 2014. We are very proud of the achievements made by the MLB 2K team and look forward to their contributions to our future titles, including NBA 2K — our industry’s #1 rated and #1 selling basketball franchise.”

To show that 2K is wiping the MLB 2K series out of existence, it has removed the official site, forums, and even the Facebook page which had up to 300,000 likes. You can google all you want but you’re not going to find any 2K made site for MLB.

MLB 2K12 was nearly the last game 2K was going to make until they made a late decision to release MLB 2K13 (which ended up being torched by reviewers). That game is now officially the very last MLB 2K game. If you’re a big baseball fan, you have two options: play MLB 2K13 and update everything yourself or jump ship to the Sony side to play the well-known MLB The Show series. Sadly they aren’t doing a $1 Million Perfect Game contest so I’m not sure how else to sell you on the game besides the fact that it looks so real it’s ridiculous.

It was nice knowing you MLB 2K. You now join NHL and NFL 2K.

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