Minecraft: Xbox One Edition and Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition both just got a big update. The just-released version 1.6.4 packs in a bunch of new features that will really expand your options, particularly when it comes to things that gallop and explode.

Check out the brand-new Tutorial World which teaches you how to use the new features in the update, in addition to teaching Minecraft newbies how to play. Once you’ve explored a bit see if you can find all the Music Discs hidden in this starter world.

After you’ve done that, get to work using all of the awesome new features in this update:

  • Tame and ride horses!
  • Use those horses to run away from the new Wither Skeletons, Witches, and Bats (among other nasty things)!
  • Equip your horse with horse armor!
  • Name your horse something really cool… and while you’re at it, use the new name tag item to give a less-cool name to your new donkey!
  • Build a whole ton of fireworks, and program them to go off when the sun goes down!
  • Set off those fireworks to celebrate the successful crossbreeding of your new horse and donkey, and the birth of your new mule!
  • Name that mule!

It’s a veritable treasure trove of new content – all completely free for owners of Minecraft for Xbox One or Xbox 360, and coming soon to PlayStation. And if you aren’t on the Minecraft bandwagon yet, there’s never been a better time to jump on!

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