The extensive console exclusivity that the Xbox 360 enjoyed for most of 2013 ends soon. The craft building and mining phenomenon creeps its way to the Playstation 3 tomorrow. Much like the 360,  Minecraft on PS3 will be limited by the console’s less than stellar RAM — the constantly generated worlds you will explore are just a tad smaller than what’s possible on a computer. But, this will come as to no surprise to fans of the game. It doesn’t stop here. There will be versions slated for the PS Vita, Xbox One and Plasyation 4. It’s unclear to us so far whether the PlayStation version of Minecraft will get a chance to experience the same flood of add-on, PlayStation-specific content as DLC post-launch, but developer Mojang says that, “would be cool!” Mojang refuse to announce price right away but we want to safely assume it will be $20, same as the 360.