Microsoft announced today that the Xbox One is getting an upgrade. Microsoft’s new Elite bunXbox_Elite_Controller_620dle offered the new Elite controller announced at this year’s E3, and a 1 TB hybrid drive. The console will release this November in Gamestop and Microsoft stores for $499.

If you don’t know much about hybrid drives, then this will take you by surprise. Current Xbox One consoles have a basic hard disk drive. A hard disk drive has been the go to for decades. A hard disk drive consists of quick rotating magnetic platters with read/write heads that move over the platter’s surfaces to read, record, or write data. However, a hybrid drive consists the best of both worlds. Hybrid drives give you the space of a standard hard disk drive, along with the speed of a solid state by using flash memory. In short, the hard drive will be faster. This will create a 20% faster boot time.XboxOne_Lunar_White_Controller_620

This isn’t Microsoft’s first rodeo with larger storage space, however, it is the first to debut a console with a hybrid drive. That isn’t the main draw to this bundle though. The flashy new Elite controller is. The Elite controller was shown off at E3 this year which consists of Hair Trigger Locks and stainless steel paddles in the design. All together, this bundle is saving you around $50.

Along with this announcement is the new Lunar white wireless Gamestop exclusive controller. Keep in mind that this
controller isn’t an Elite controller, it is just a new design. The new controller will hit Gamestop in September for $65.