“We launched our original R.A.T. line of gaming mice four years ago, and we’re pleased to continue expanding this highly successful range with the announcement of the Tournament Edition model,” said Darren Richardson, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz.  “The R.A.T.TE is another example of our ongoing commitment to building high performance hardware for the passionate gaming community.”

Following their line of TE Arcade Sticks for Professional Fighters, Mad Catz announces their new R.A.T.TE Professional Mouse for PC and Mac. This is really their first entry into the eSports scene as their previous mice really had a casual gamers appeal with some functions that caters to everyday use as well. The R.A.T.TE features a new Phillips® Doppler-laser sensor for better tracking and up to a DPI of 8200.

Each feature of the R.A.T.TE has been engineered for mobility, performance and precision. Weight has been reduced to decrease inertia; speed and resolution have been radically improved for faster reaction times, and programmable button mapping has been optimized for popular e-sports games.  In addition, customizable attributes such as ‘Lift-Off’ height calibration and dynamic surface detection have been added to create the ideal mouse for professional gamers.

I’m really excited to get some hands on with this mouse because I actually used their R.A.T. 7 previously and their MOUS9 is my go to travel mouse. So it’s great to see a Mad Catz alternative for competitive eSports use.