LG had great success with the G3 last year and they are looking to keep up the same trend in 2015.  Without wasting much time, it hasn’t been a full year since their last flagship.  LG announces its G4 today which will go against all other flagships and this is what they’ve brought to the table.


LG G4 Specs

LG made it very clear that it wants to set itself apart from all others, claiming that “now every phone looks the same”.  While that might be more true for some than others, I think that some companies do set themselves apart.  LG has done a great job with this especially with phones like the LG G Flex or something as simple as placing the buttons on the back, so its conveniently available for your finger.  This is a design that is here to stay, and thats great.


Last year’s G3 was Quad HD indeed but the colors had this cool/flat shad to them.  While it was still great display, a lot of people pushed the device to the side because of it.  It didn’t feel as natural or didn’t have the vibrance that other phones offered.  The G4 addresses that with an IPS Quantum Display which sounds bad-ass and thats because it is.  What this means is that it gives you a better color reproduction (about 20%), better brightness (about 25%) and much better contrast (about 50%).  This also allows for better outdoor visibility so it aids that issue where you’d have to shade your display while your trying to read.  The display has a slight curve as well, to help with both immersion and collision resistance.  This “dura-glass” created by LG is “20% stronger” than Gorilla Glass and with the slight indentation, handles better drops.  I’m sure there will be many to put this to the test.

Improvements on the inside

Unlike most flagships this year, the G4 will not feature the Snapdragon 810 like others this year.  In fact, it will feature the Snapdragon 808 with the same 3gb of RAM.  The back is still removable (as well is the 3000 mAh battery) and the microSD is expandable by 2TB.  You also still have your standard 32gb memory included with the phone and thats always nice to have.  Touching back on the Snapdragon 808, it came as a bit of a surprise since most phones this year have the 810 processor.  There are no details yet as to why LG decided to make this decision.  We’ll keep you posted.


It seems that these days, the camera plays just as important a role as anything else on the phones.  LG made some significant improvements to their camera module.  For starters, they went with a 16MP f1.8 camera which gives you a pretty large aperture.  This will allow more light to get into the sensor for those night time photos and also help that bokeh affect.  The camera will still feature the laser AF (autofocus) and LED flash.  Aside from the new sensor, you have the new color spectrum sensor under the flash to assist with white balance and give you more accurate colors for your pictures.  To top everything off, you have the new 6-axis OIS 2.0 to give you better videos and low light performance.  LG praises its DSLR-quality like camera and quiet frankly, its performed extremely well so far.  Stay tuned for the official review.


With LG’s new flagship set to be release later this spring, will you be getting one?