It’s almost time to put on the skates, grab a stick, and hit the ice for the nest installment of the EA NHL Series. Starting today, players can download the NHL 14 demo to get a taste of what’s to come this upcoming season.

The NHL 14 demo will feature Play Now, Ultimate Team, and the brand new NHL 94 Anniversary Mode. During their play through the demo, players will get to check out the new One-Touch Dekes, Collision Physics, and the Enforcer Engine.

Whether you are new to the series, or a hardcore veteran, the brand new Enforcer Engine will give players a new perspective when dropping the gloves. Gone is the first-person view and spamming the right stick to get your punches in. A new strategy is involved and before you jump into the demo, EA Sports wants to give you a little tutorial that may help you from getting your teeth knocked out.

Stay tuned to OfficialRTV.com for impressions on the NHL 14 demo.

NHL 14 skates to North American stores on September 10th and by September 13th worldwide.