As we all know the impending announcement of the long awaited iPhone 6 is September 9th and there has been bloggers everywhere writing their own respective wish lists. As an avid user of the iPhone 5 and all things Apple, excited can not accurately portray how I feel for this upcoming event. I both enjoy the Android platform and iOS, but a part of me is always a little more in favor of picking up my iPhone 5 rather than my HTC One M8. Don’t get me wrong the M8 is a great phone and Android allows you to customize a lot to make your device feel like a more personal phone anytime you may want, but as I get older I no longer want to have to customize a phone — I would just like a phone to work as is and give me a bevy of apps that provides functionality and convenience in my life.  So without further to do, here is my list for most important things I want in the iPhone 6:

Bigger Screen

I mean come on, who does not want a bigger screen on their iPhones. I am aware there are some people who are just fine with a 4-inch screen, but a bump up by .7 would be well deserved. Smartphones are about screen real estate and I talk to a lot of people who want the iPhone, but complain about the small size compared to other flagships rivals.

Better Camera

I know with every iteration apple teaks their camera a little, but in my opinion my iPhone 5 still takes some amazing photos. Now with Apple hiring Nokia Lumia photography lead I can only hope things get better (anyone remember Lumia 1020?) that’s not to say we should expect a 41mp camera, but with him onboard this allows Apple to perhaps making their camera better than ever.


This is kind of self-explanatory if you had or have an Android device, NFC makes your life simpler such as NFC pairing with bluetooth speakers. Apple needs to incorporate this, they could have with the 5S, but with Apple they like to “perfect” something before releasing it.

Third Party Support

Okay, so I know this has to deal with more of iOS 8; however, I want the initial third-party support to be the first step. iOS 8 is giving developers over 4000 APIs and this is good for anyone who likes Android phones, you may not be able to do as much as Android, but the fact that Apple is now slowly releasing their grip from total control of their iOS can only mean good things for new and current iPhone users.

 In the end who knows what Apple will decide to add to the new iPhone; however, I will leave you with a collection of supposed renderings of the next iPhone.  Android users eat your heart out!