Increase your iPhone’s storage with Mophie’s Space Pack

Wow, how long have iPhone users waited for this?  Mophie announced the Mophie Space Pack at CES, a new battery pack that would at least double your battery life and increase your storage.  Yes, I said increase your storage.  It looks very identical to the Juice Pack Air and holds about the same as the air, 1,700mAh.  What makes them different aside from a few aesthetics is the internal storage that comes in 16gb or 32gb.  This is a first and it should have everyone excited.

Mophie will also be releasing its own Space app to handle all your storage needs.  Were not exactly sure how it works, or how well it will manage, but expandable memory is huge!  The Space Pack is available for pre-order on Mophie’s site for $149.95 (16gb) and $179.95 (32gb).  Set to release March 14th.