The wireless speaker department is heating up and everyone is putting out the best they’ve got.  iLuv has the new Mo’Beats HD speaker with bluetooth technology and NFC compatibility.  The 2nd generation of their popular Mo’Beats speaker, the Mo’Beats HD is an easy-to-use speaker to give the listener a better audio experience.


“iLuv is proud to complement that trend by offering Mo’Beats HD, a speaker that can be used alongside any Bluetooth compatible device and provides users with quality sound, portability and ease-of-use” – Jason Park, Marketing Manager at iLuv

iLuv is also aiming for tablet users who want to get the most out of their tablet.  Watching a movie and getting a better sound experience with the speaker enhanced by jAura technology and SRS WOW HD technology, thus creating a wider/taller sound field.  I’ve used SRS technology and it does help improve the sound significantly.  The speaker has a twin full-range speakers and a passive bass radiator combined with the audio technology creates an optimal sound for your ears.


The Mo’Beats speaker is set for an easy-to-use style as it has both bluetooth and nfc for easy connection.  It also has a cradle to accomodate all types of tablets and mobile devices in both portrait or landscape mode for easy viewing.  A rechargeable lithium-ion battery allows for extended play on the go.

The Mo’Beats HD is currently available for $99.99 at iLuv and select retailers.  For a review and more information on iLuv products, stay tuned to RTV.