What can I say HTC that is not already known? They are continually producing some great phones in such a short time-span that I can say I am genuinely impressed, and now they did it again with the HTC Desire Eye. HTC’s Android software has always been about social networking and with this device is building upon that even more.


For the past year, HTC has built some beautifully designed smartphones, that are on par with Apple, and pretty much out designs every other Android smartphone manufacture. The Desire Eye does it again with a simple and clean design.  Round edges are prominent with red-orange borders and white on the front and back of the phone. The one phone I can compare it to is the iPhone 5C, this phone was designed very well; oh and did I mention it was water resistant? Win!

The Desire eye also comes internally with 16gb storage which can be expanded up to 128gb via a microSD.  Also, you have a 13-megapixel camera on both the front and back and to round off a great build, you have a 5.2″ 1080p HD display packing in 424ppi – which made watching videos an absolute pleasure.  What you won’t find on this device is the IR blaster that was on the M8, thought it will surely be missed.  Otherwise, you have a younger brother to that of the HTC M8.


The Desire Eye uses HTC Sense 6.0 which if you used or own a M8 you are already familiar with the software.  Nothing has really changed since the M8.  You still have your Blinkfeed which can be customized to your liking or removed if you don’t use it; you still have the same camera application that came in the M8 with a couple added features.   What is different is that the Zoe app now is pre-loaded onto the device and it actually works since the software has been released.  Much like the M8, the Desire Eye is upgradable to Lollipop.


This is the area where most of the hype is coming from with this device.  This phone comes equipped with not one, but two 13-megapixel cameras and dual led flash front and back. You can clearly tell this phone is built for people who are all about their selfies/photos with the addition of a dedicated camera button found . This is what most people wanted out of the HTC M8 because it fell short of in the camera department, HTC was smart enough to pack this device with camera everyone wanted originally so a huge plus in the camera department.

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In most cases, the rear camera performs very well with a lot of detail in daylight situations or very well lit situations.  It does suffer in color saturation, which should have a bit more pop then it does.  Should be able to please most average users.  You would expect the same performance from the front facing camera but it gave me mixed results.  I took some pictures during my Christmas get together and all of the pictures had very washed colors.  HDR seemingly did nothing except enhance the already washed colors and it would take too long to get fidgety with the manual controls.  Seems like HTC still has some work to do on the image processing.


HTC does it again, they created another great device with the HTC Desire Eye capturing the niche of people who are concerned with taking good photos/selfies and keeping up to date on their social networking with the already great HTC Blinkfeed. I would recommend this phone primarily to the younger teen crowd as it felt like I was using an M8 equivalent in a cheaper package – unfortunately it only comes in “coral reef” color. You can get your hands on the Desire Eye on AT&T with the NEXT plan at 18.34/mo.

Mobile Review: HTC Desire Eye
The HTC Desire Eye captures the people who are concerned with taking good photos/selfies and keeping up to date on their social networking.
The Good
  • Great Sense software
  • Good execution of Selfie camera
  • Top build for a Desire device
The Bad
  • Plastic back is a bit hard to grip
  • Photos can be slightly better
8.3Overall Score
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