Metal Gear Solid series creator, Hideo Kojima has offically left Komani as of December 15. Kojima has since established his own studio and is partnering with Sony to create an excusive franchise for Playstation.

Kojima’s offical tweet about leaving Konami is here. It states:

My employment contract with Konami has been terminated as of Dec 15th, so today marks a new start for me. I’m commited to be involved in creative activites for as long as I live. Look forward to what’s coming.

Konami’s relationship was starting to show some difficulty. In March, Konami removed Kojima from the Metal Gear Solid promo materials. Then, Konami canceled Kojima’s plans to work on another Silent Hills game along side del Toro. Later, in July, Kojima Productions was reportedly disbanded entirely from Konami.

It’s a great step, and hopefully the end to a bunch of drama between Konami and Kojima. I am personally excited to see what Kojima has up his sleeve.

Kojima’s new studio link is here.

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