Activision has been dormant for half a decade when it came to its long time party game Guitar Hero. As of April 14th, they decided to break that silence to reveal what they had been working on for so long. Let’s be honest though, Guitar Hero World Tour was a let down for most, including myself. What could they possibly change this time around to bring all you rock artists back to the stage? It’s Guitar Hero Live and I like what I see.

Eric Hirshberg spent a bit of time explaining the history of music and how Guitar Hero changed the video game franchise, bringing people together for some fun years of rocking out. It was such a hard game to put down because it was so fun. Their latest iteration of the series was a let down and I think they realized that, which made them go back to the drawing board. This meant going back to the basics and see how they can have a fresh take on the experience.

For starters, and this has been the same across all instrument based games, the video reel behind the stream of button commands has been always about the fans perspective of the band. Realistically, if your playing, you’re playing for the crowd and they did just that. Guitar Hero now will give you a first person view of the crowd that your playing for, giving you an immersive, life-like experience. This may actual help some with stage fright, including myself.


Secondly, they worked on the Guitar. They discussed how the colored button combinations were unique but has now been dated. It also made it difficult for most players to go from easy to medium, or medium to hard as the use of the pinky was implemented. ThIs created a problem for players as it handicapped them from becoming a better player. To fix this, they went from a row of 5 buttons, to 2 rows of three buttons. This will address the “pinky” issue as well as making it easier for beginners.

I don’t know exactly how well the Guitar Hero community will receive this but I can at least admit that this new guitar will be a fun challenge. We were provided with a small preview of the game with three songs to give it a try. Lets just say that its going to take me a bit of practice to get back to the “expert level” play that I’m used to. I’m sure that this will apply to many other veteran players as well. The game will be available Fall 2015 on all major consoles. Make sure to stay tuned to RTV for more coverage!


  • Frank Perez

    Awesome. I had a chance to check out a live demo of Rockbands new installment at #Paxeast. once i saw that, The first thing that came to mind was “OMG there will be a new GH” This live looks interesting, But i hope they plan on making a remake of the old genre. Would love to smash 5 keys with new content and better graphics. But all in all Dying to check this out either way. Thanks for the review. Keep up the great work.