Ever wondered what Los Santos would look like with a dose of the white weather stuff? You don’t have to wait long. From now until January 5th, the city of Los Santos is getting into the Christmas spirit. The city itself will be drenched in snow, which will make driving more hazardous, and there will be an assortment of sales and seasonal-themed accessories for players to obtain or purchase. There will also be a sale starting now until January 5th on select weapons, vehicles, and apartments for players to purchase (I can finally get that apartment I’ve been saving for).

Lastly, for those who enjoy taking selfies there are new filters, borders, and facial expressions that have been added to the Snapmatic feature, which will also carry-over to the single player campaign. Even more, a Meme Creator feature is also available for players to mess around with.

Let the crazy Christmas memes, selfies, and ridiculous outfits take over Los Santos.

Happy Holidays GTA players!!