I attended the grand launch event for the much anticipated Grand Theft Auto V in Union Square NY, and I have to say right away, I haven’t had that much fun in a very long time waiting for a game to come out. It was only 5pm and something like 50 gamers of both sexes and all creeds, sizes, backgrounds and colors flooded the streets of 14th street in Manhattan. You could already feel the electricity and energy in the air once 8pm rolled around. The press was buzzing and YouTubers took to the streets to talk to fans waiting to get their hands on GTAV. One of the main events of the evening was the unveiling of the Banshee supercar ripped right out of the game and into reality. The crowd flocked and photographed the beautiful blue sports car.


By about 9pm, the line grew into the hundreds and hip hop producers Oh No and Alchemist made their appearance. These two juggernauts of the underground hip hop scene helped score the game, a first in Grand Theft Auto history and contributed to the staggering 250+ song soundtrack. Producer Oh No is also known to be an avid gamer and in the past, sampled some tracks from the fighting game Blaz Blue into an eccentric hip hop flow and released an exclusive album along with the official soundtrack bundled with a special  edition of the game. The crowd grew wild as members of Rockstar Games handed out tshirts, hoodies, stickers and plushes. Representatives from Red Bull gave out cans to further energize the crowd.


Zero hour rolled along and gamers were getting chilly. By this time, around 480+ gamers lined up in hopes of getting their hands on GTAV. The press buzzed intensely, snapping photos and interviewing gamers. The crowd counted down to midnight and cheered wildly as September 17th comes crashing in and GTAV is finally released to the public. “GTA! GTA! GRAND THEFT AUTO! GRAND THEFT AUTO!” the crowd cheered as the first few people rush out and hold their copies in the air in triumph. Not even the September chill could deter the sheer excitement for one of the biggest games this year.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to pop into my Playstation 3 MY choice for Game of the Year of 2013. Be sure to stay tuned to RTV for our full review of Grand Theft Auto V and more news, updates and reviews on the latest video games, gadgets and technology.

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