I want these headsets for ps3/ps4. Because I never experienced any headsets before and I play fps games a lot so this will help me to improve my gameplay also I don’t wanna annoy my neighbours at night.



Tis’ the season for giving and RTV is here to give! If you haven’t checked out our review of the all new Plantronics Rig Gaming Headset make sure you do because the awesome folks at Plantronics have allowed us to give away ONE (1) black pair of these gaming headsets to one of you guys. These headsets have easily become one of our favorite pairs, with its versatility on platforms, lightweight and comfortable design, and the ability to answer phone calls while gaming. If you’re planning on picking up a PS4 or already own one, you might want to try and win these as these are compatible with that next gen console.

How To Enter

All you have to do is leave ONE COMMENT down below this post letting us now why you need a brand new headset and for what platform will you be using these if you were to win. We are only accepting ONE COMMENT per person so Good Luck!

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  • Thadeous

    No game experience is complete without a good headset. I would use it in my office so my girlfriend can sleep in the next room and not make me turn off game sound for the late night gaming sessions.

  • Marcel Barton

    I would love to win this headset for many reasons. One: I’ve been gaming competitively for 11 years now and don’t think I will ever put down the sticks. One key element to gaming on a higher level is by obtaining the right headset to utilize during your experience. Two: Recently my Siberia’s broke and I haven’t had an actual headset for about 4 months now. I’ve actually just been using Skullcandy earbuds along with my mixamp just so I can hear and some useless MW2 throat mic I won at a small LAN to communicate. After these 4 months I ordered a new Headset (Siberia v2 Frost Blue edition) but I hadn’t noticed it was a USB only headset so it wouldn’t be compatible wiht my astro mixamp and I had to send them back spending $33 just to send them back to SteelSeries. Three: I’m an overall great guy haha! I game on all platforms. Hopefully this headset can be used on all or I can someway use it in combination with my astro mix amp.

  • Jeremy Linnane

    Le me needs a headset. Le me is broke. Le me really likes gaming. Le me will be using it for my xbox console and PC. Le me is very excite~!

  • Justin Krzanowski

    I need these to improve my 6 hour rt commute.

  • john hernandez

    i broke my crap head phones a week ago
    and i need a new one for being out and about
    i will use it for my phone,360 and PC

  • Joshua Gonzalez

    Im poor 🙂

  • Johnathan Rivera

    Never really gave headsets a try other then the normal headsets you receive with the gaming bundles. I have always been turned away by the pricing.

  • CeeTee

    I’d love to win this headset because I just purchased an Xbox One and I barely get to use it because my busy schedule only gives me time to play at night, while my parents are asleep. This headset will allow me to play all night without disturbing my parents (not getting yelled at lol) and I get an enhanced gaming experience, so WIN-WIN! I also plan on gaming competitively soon so this would definitely put me on the right path! Thanks! You guys are awesome!

  • spyda81

    I need a new because the one it came with the ps4 is break apart I need some new one …I hope I win

  • Blake Jensen

    I want…..in fact…..need these headphones! The outcome of the universe depends on it. These headphones, and only these headphones, will give me the strength to save the world night after night, while my 3 year old son is fast asleep in his bed. WIthout them, who knows what will happen. The fate of humanity is in your hands!

  • Eva.

    I’ve been using the same Madcatz headset for PC/XBOX gaming since 2005. I’d be better off replacing it with a potato.

    THIS HEADSET CAN NOT CARRY ON INTO THE NEXT GENERATION! I need to get out of 1953 and get with the times.

  • denboyz

    I want these headphones so I can play my 360 and Xbox one all night like a gamer should with out waking my 1 year old nephew on the other side of the wall

  • Sarah

    I’d like to win

  • Woozle ThreeSixteen

    I need to upgrade from my ol’ TurtleBeach headkrones.

  • Brandon D. Munk

    I want these headphones, because I myself have been using Turtle Beach X11’s for several years. I am a competitive gamer and an amateur youtuber. I am 100 devoted to gaming and entertaining people in general. Money is tight and I haven’t been able to upgrade to any new headsets to record my audio. I would use it for all consoles and PC. – Brandon D. Munk

  • Muuzik

    I need a new pair of plantronics for many reasons, they will be put to use on my ps4 which will help because I received a broken default mic with my ps4 and haven’t been able to talk to any new friends on psn. I can’t afford any of the current headsets for the ps4 and would love these especially cause golden boy highly suggest them. Gl to everyone!


    I want these headsets for ps3/ps4. Because I never experienced any headsets before and I play fps games a lot so this will help me to improve my gameplay also I Dont wanna annoy my neighbour s at night

    • RTV

      Congrats, you have been chosen as the winner of our Plantronics Rig Gaming Headset!


        Thanks how can I get thoose now can’t wait

  • Pawel Piotrowski

    Curently I’m using shity headset from creative and I want something better thanmy old headphones 🙁

  • Elias Bracamontes

    Need theses for ps3 currently I just use some regular headphones connected to the tv so I have to be close :c and I skype up with my friends with my friends sometimes when I play minecraft but get made fun of because the quality is bad on this laptop. It’d be awesome to win but goodluck with everyone 😀

  • Luie

    I’ve never owned a headset before in my life and everyone that I play with tells me that I need to get one but don’t have funds for one 🙁 So it be could If you could hook me with this amazing looking headset and thanks 🙂 (Xbox 360)

  • Gage Tressitt

    I’d like the headset because I’m an 18 year old who has been in the competitive scene for a while but has never been able to afford a nice headset. I have been using turtle beaches for about three years now and the speaker in the right ear is blown along with the talkback cable shorting out. I’m leaving for the military in fall of 2014 and I’d like my last gaming year to be something I remember!

  • Adam funderburk

    I’ve never owned any other headset besides the basic xbox headsets that come with the system and I’ve always wanted a high quality headset to take my gaming experience to the next level. I’m a xbox 360 fanboy through and through lol

  • Abbas Rezwi

    A headset? Well that would really make my season jolly! 😀

  • blueamcat

    Sweet! Looks nice. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  • David Cohen

    I’d love the headset because I just moved in with my girlfriend. Unfortunately, the downside of that is a conflict of sound issues. When she is working at home or watching something she wants on her laptop or something, I have no way of playing games with sound it makes my gaming time crunched into a few hours a week. Getting this would definitely fix the issue.

  • Jip

    I’d love to win the plantronics headset. I’ve always enjoyed their products and being able to use it when I’m trying to play ps3 or pc games would help out a lot. The mic I have at the moment only works about half the time and it’s a hassle to try and communicate with people at points.

  • Karen Contreras

    blood is thicker than water!

  • Freddie

    I would love to have this headset because I love video games! I always game with my friends but recently my headset I bought for the ps3 broke. Everytime I try playing games noise around the house distrupts me. There’s two 6 year olds that always scream and run around the house. So I can barely hear the game itself. If I win this would be amazing!

  • Franco Agostini

    I want these headsets because it has all the options to do everything you could want with a headset.
    It looks good, it has great components that give you great sound, it
    allows you to use it as a mobile headset while up and about, and even
    lets you take calls or mix in audio from your mobile device while you
    are playing games from your PC/Xbox/PS3.

  • David Valadez

    I need a good set up for ps4! Next gen deserves an awesome new rig! Fingers crossed here!!!

  • Joseph Piccolo

    I’d love to win this headset because my last headset recently broke and I don’t have the money right now to replace them. I’ve spent a ton of money on buying multiple headsets that break from nothing out of the blue and I’ve heard good reviews on Plantronics Rig Headsets and i would love to find out for myself since I luckily found this giveaway in the last hour, Merry Christmas.