Last month at E3, Gears of War Ultimate Edition was announced as a remaster of the original Gears game. Coalition Games, taking over for Epic, will be going major overhaul with new art assets, upgrading gameplay mechanics, and adding new things to the game that is now over a decade old. Today at San Diego Comic Con, studio head developer Rod Fergusson confirmed that the popular Horde Mode will not be making an appearance.

Rod is one of the original creators of the game and has a huge following in the Gears community, and even the gaming community itself. During a panel he went on to list several reasons why Horde Mode won’t be in the game, mostly due to the fact that the studio wants this game to be a pure remaster and not a sequel, prequel, or even a new addition to the series. He did admit that there will be new elements, but that it will be purely to “excite gamers about Gears again.”

It seems like Coalition is taking this game seriously and I am excited about that. Remasters are easy to spot now a days, and with the rough start to the Halo: Master Chief Collection, Coalition know they have an uphill battle.