During their GamesCom conference EA showed off one of StarWars: Battlefront’s new modes called: Fighter Squadron.

Fighter Squadron is a new mode which consist of up to 20 players going at it in aerial battles. Your team’s objective is to destroy more fighters than the other team. If your team reaches the score limit of 200 kills or has the most kills when the time limit is over, your side wins!

There’s more to this game mode than just shooting your enemy’s out of the sky. As transport shuttles are being utilized by both the Rebels and Imperials, your job will be to either attack the other team’s shuttle or keep yours out of harm’s way. Expect intense fights over the transport shuttles and earn bonus points if you “take care” of them as your objective directs. You even get to pilot the infamous Millennium Falcon.

Check out the gameplay trailer of the new Fighter Squadron and let us know what you think.

StarWars: Battlefront will be coming to the Xbox One, PS4, and PC on November 17, 2015.