Picking up right at the end of Episode 3, Escape Plan Bravo starts off with Rhys, Fiona, and the crew trying to get into Hyperion’s headquarters in a horribly planned heist. While the plan sounds awesome to the crew, we know that it never works out that easy. This episode is easily the shortest, with me beating it in around an hour and half. This episode seems to be a filler, and works on building up the story while focusing on Rhys character development, tales12 depending on your choices of course. This episode didn’t really focus on the main story arch, but more on Rhys and his involvement with Handsome Jack. As a side note, if you hate cliffhangers, than this episode is going to leave you frustrated and annoyed.

Rhys and Fiona are still the two main characters in the story, but they don’t really encounter anything too important like they did in episode 2 or 3. In the previous episodes I was able to really get a sense of both Rhys and Fiona to develop their characters, create a solid foundation for their personalities, and play them as such. This episode, however, it felt like it was little decisions here and there that really didn’t affect the story. Sasha is also virtually absent from this episode, which was a little disappointing because I love the banter between the 3 characters.

On top of all that, the most emotional part of the episode, and even the series, was watered down and felt almost irrelevant. It should have been a pivotal point in the series, but it felt like it was thrown together. I teared up for about 2 seconds before I was forced into another section of the story. It’s not typical of Telltale, and it kind of put me in for a loop.

As much as it seems like I am bashing this episode, there are still the positives. This episode was actually one of the funniest, in my opinion. I laughed out loud, grinned at the screen, and constantly asked “can I do that again”? You get to engage in an imaginary gun fight with Hyperion accountants, as you get to watch several hilarious cut scenes. tales13You also get to see a bit of Gortys in her glory, as she is one of my favorite video game characters. No, seriously, she is adorably awesome. On top of that, you actually get to see Handsome Jack act human for all of 5 glorious seconds. Finally, as always, the dialogue is spread out with TellTale and Gearbox’s typical humorous one liners. You think a scene or cut scene isn’t important? It may not be, but it is still going to leave you chuckling.

This episode may not have been the most eventful or important, but it did include some funny moments that makes it worthwhile. We have only 1 episode left, and it leaves me wondering what TellTale and Gearbox have in store for us. The episode ends with one huge cliffhanger that left me leaning over with my jaw hanging.

My recommendation is that if you are impatient, then wait to play this episode closer to when episode 5 is due out. If you are okay with waiting, then pick it up! Who doesn’t need humor in their life?

Game Review: Tales From The Borderlands: Episode 4 - Escape Plan Bravo
This episode doesn't contain much progress in the main story arch, but the humor it worth the time.
  • Hilarious One Liners
  • Entertaining fake shoot out
  • Lack of story arch progession
  • Short episode length
  • Rushed events
7.5Overall Score
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