I can still remember grabbing a copy of Forza Motorsport 2 for the Xbox 360 as soon as it released.  Immediately captured by the visuals and realism that the game had to offer.  It also helped that they were the only racing sim worth getting.  Fast forward, it’s 2015 and they’re back to do it even better this year.  What elements could they bring this time around to make it worth the new game?  It’s a significant jump in my opinion.

Forza 6 is easily one of the most gorgeous games that I’ve had the pleasure of playing.  It’s a visual masterpiece and paired with my (affordable) 4k tv, it’s just a beauty through and through.  At this point, you can guarantee the car models are detailed down to the dashboard.  It shouldn’t be a surprise really.  I’m not sure I can count the hours I’ve spent in the showroom staring at cars and inspecting them inside and out.  The way the light bounces off the beautiful paint job and the insane amount of detail that is put into the engine; Forza will not fail you in the eye-candy department.


One of the newest features this year is night time driving and rain as a choice of weather for the race.  It’s worth mentioning the lighting in this game is superb.  I actually squinted during a race while driving towards the beaming sunset and wished my “driver” would try and put is hand up to block the sun for the 3-4 seconds it seeped through the trees.  The night time driving should actually be called the pitch black racing, considering that the majority of the track is unlit and you’re dependent on your high beams.  I genuinely felt that I had to approach the race cautiously before a wall will congratulate my car with open arms.  Thank you Forza for the Y to rewind, I couldn’t have used it enough.

As for the new weather effect, I hate driving in the rain in the game just as much as I hate driving in real life and that’s how fantastic it is.  The way the rain is presented is amazing.  I was very impressed by the way the rain wiped itself away as I raced in my track toy and had no windshield to cover or shield myself from it.  Puddles are developed on the race track and if you’re not careful, it will cost you the race.  I’ve seen countless “drivatars” lose complete control of the car and slide onto the grass or slide into the walls.

This brings me to gameplay.  This version of Forza is by far the most engaging that I’ve had the experience of playing and there are a few more things that contribute to that.  Another element they added to the game was how the temperature affected the race.  For example, if the race took place at night or closer to the evening, the track will have cooled down and therefore it affected the way your tires would grip the track.  Cool meant more slippery moments where as a warmer track would give you ideal racing conditions.  This added a level of difficulty to the game and made one last element to the game more interesting which is Mods.


Before every race, you can select mods which can change the way you approach a race.  Mods can be a number of different things like the ability to gain additional XP after the race is completed, or getting a better pit crew which can improve your braking and power.  It made the game even that much more fun because on tracks that were cool, I would use the mods that gave me more grip so that I wasn’t sliding all over the track.  Unfortunately, those don’t apply to Online Play, where you can race with up to 23 of your friends.  Luckily, there is virtually no lag and it didnt feel like it was online at all really.  A game this face paced can become a pain during online multiplayer.  I will say, its fun taking a hard right at 220mph with 20 other drivers, how fun.

Now if visuals aren’t enough to sell you on this game then do yourself a favor and play Forza 6 with some headphones. Turn 10 Studio are masters when it comes to the audio realism of every car. The satisfaction of the engine, the sounds of cars crashing to eachother, your tires being put to their test on every track, just add to the sensation you get while driving hundreds of cars in Forza.

Forza Motorsport 6 is the most engaging game in the franchise.  The different elements that were introduced in this game is worthy enough to get this years version.  Just be mindful that Y to rewind will become your best friend on those rainy tracks. This is the Forza title fans have been waiting for.

Game Review: Forza Motorsport 6
  • Amazing Visuals
  • Weather elements are a game changer
  • Mods are welcomed
  • I hate the rain. Not much of a con
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