FIFA is the largest sports title in the world. It is played by millions of people worldwide in many different countries and this years cover features many different athletes representing their region along side Lionel Messi. FIFA 16 in the US features Alex Morgan, US Women National Champion, as she is not only a cover athlete but a symbol of what the sport is becoming here in the states. The addition of Women National Teams to FIFA 16 is only just one new feature in the game, but is it enough to justify the purchase of a title released yearly?


FIFA 16 looks prettier than ever, and they needed to be. With fellow football rival PES surprisingly impressing year after year with visuals, it gets EA into grind mode when improving the look of the game. Stadiums and crowds are absolutely stunning, especially Etihad Stadium, which for me is my favorite. I’m still a bit put off on facial animations from many players, most don’t even look like their real self, unless you’re of course any Barcelona or Madrid player. I wish EA took more time in getting those details down packed but that’s me just being picky on that.

Gameplay is slightly improved from last years with the exception of some new bugs and imperfections. The game runs so much smoother and at a slower pace, making it feel much more like a football match and not some arcade game. FIFA 16 is focused a lot more on defense. The AI is now super smart when making defensive plays, especially goal keepers. The passing game has also improved with much more accurate passes but that gets negated with one of the biggest flaws in the game, ball speed. No matter how hard you pass, it feels like the ball isn’t rolling fast enough, causing multiple interceptions from both sides. It also doesn’t help that player switching doesn’t guess the player correctly causing you to miss many defensive plays. The AI is for sure improved but it could be a bit much for non pros. Semi-Pro and Professional difficulties are just brutally unfair to players making the transition. Passing is absolutely perfect and isn’t well balanced at all. I have also noticed corner kicks are less accurate and less powerful than last year, which makes me pass instead of going for them most of the time now.

New skill games add fun to the game, especially in Career mode. You can now run skill games as training for you career player to boost attributes during off days, which is pretty cool.

The newest addition to FIFA 16 is FUT Draft. It takes the simple Ultimate Team format of building squads and adds the element of surprise players. FUT Draft gives you all the tools and players to either create a perfect chem squad or a full on high rated starting 11. You select one of five formations at random, but the selection is final and you aren’t able to go back and change it. You then select a Captain to build the team around, this is where five other random packs open up and reveal the players. This formula is basically the same for all positions, subs and reserves. FUT Draft allows you the chance to fully play with high rates Gold players, Informs and even Legends, without having to spend money on Packs. Though they aren’t yours to keep, it is fun to be given the chance to actually try a squad with Ronaldo and Messi without spending a ton of money or coins in the market.

Once your squad is created, you take them into play against the CPU where you must win games in order to increase the chance of better prizes. Prizes include FIFA Coins, Gold Packs and more. If you can’t make it out of the first match no worries, you still earn a reward for trying. FUT Draft is addicting; trust me. It was already bad enough players spend their time and money on Ultimate Team, but with the addition of FUT Draft, the Ultimate Team experience continues to grow.

Speaking of Ultimate Team, it continues to be the core of FIFA 16. While new modes and teams are added, the true worth of the title is still Ultimate Team. With the expansion of Legends on Xbox One, it makes it that much sweeter to pack one of the greats and use them in your squad. Roster updates also include the addition of newer players to Ultimate Team, especially in the MLS side of things. Majority of New York City Footbal Club players have been added like Angelino, Khiry Shelton, Poku and more. While the core mechanic of Ultimate Team hasn’t changed, EA has insured players the inflated Transfer Market and illegal Coin Buying will be reduced as much as possible. You can also take Ultimate Team on the road with you via their FIFA 16 Companion App.

The final biggest addition to FIFA 16 is of course the Women National Teams as mentioned earlier. EA has incorporated 12 Women National Teams from different countries as playable teams for the first time, though you can only face off between other Women teams in Match Day, Offline Tournament, and Online Friendly Matches.

Available teams: Germany, USA, France, Sweden, England, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Spain, China, Italy, Mexico.

Playing as the Women is fun and is definitely a much different pace of game compared to the men. Passing is fluid and presentation looks spot on. Kudos to EA for actually taking the time to face scan most of the women in the game. I hope this feature gets enhanced in later versions and perhaps let the women be added to FIFA Ultimate Team. It’s also quick to note the ratings for Women differ from those of the men, an 80 for women might not be exactly the same to an 80 in men, so don’t think different of ratings.

FIFA 16 is an overall great game with new addition to Ultimate Team to keep players and community active. Some minor bugs on gameplay can be improved through updates but EA has done it right when it comes to making you feel like every game matters. Official Premier League and Bundesliga visuals add to the presentation and realism of the game. Commentary is as good as it’s always been and the addition of Women and more focus to MLS adds to the already significant roster of teams to choose from. If you’re a fan of soccer than you probably will already pick this up, but if you haven’t played in years, 16 is a great choice to get back into.

Game Review: FIFA 16
FIFA 16 adds many new features to the game and improvements to fan favorites Career and Ultimate Team. Worth the play for a better gameplay experience.
  • BPL & Bundesliga presentation
  • Women National Teams
  • FUT Draft
  • Minor bugs to gameplay
  • FUT Draft Prices
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