iOS has gotten its biggest update yet with iOS 7. Apple showed off some long awaited features as well as some extreme cosmetic features. The lock screen now has a “slide to unlock” that works on any part of the screen. You can also access the new Control Center straight from the lock screen as well as the camera. The Control Center is a new addition to the OS in which it contains every necessity from Airplane Mode, WiFi, Bluetooth and Rotation Lock, to a Brightness Adjustment bar and Music control. At the bottom are four non changeable functions for flashlight, alarm clock, calculator and camera.

Now to the true change of iOS 7, the main screen. Most apps have gotten a makeover in either logo design or new color layout. Apple has gone with a all white layout on certain apps which looks appealing, but definitely hurts the eyes. Some apps did get a lot better, like the weather, which looks gorgeous. Now it does take a while to get used to the brightness and cartoony feel of the new iOS 7 but overall it seems like a change that needed to happen.