We are exactly one month away from the next installment in the EA Sports NHL Franchise. With details coming almost every other day, yesterday they released a blog on details and fixes regarding their GM Connected and Be a GM mode.

If you played GM Connected in NHL 13, you know how insanely slow it was to go through menus and get through a season. The developers at EA Canada were aware of this issue and have found a way to make GM Connected run more smoothly and efficiently online. Other updates to the mode include the ability to accept and decline trades on a mobile device, counter trades directly from the mailbox, and you’ll also be able to see all the games in the league via the Master Schedule.


As for improvements to Be a GM, players can expect new scouting features and a more customizable user experience to help create a deeper and more engaging mode. Players will now develop during the season, the CPU can sign and re-sign players during the off-season (if you decide to simulate), and scouting has become a more organic experience in which a players potential will be affected on the number of times you send scouts his way.

There are a few more details not in this article that you can find in their recent blog, which can be found by clicking here.

NHL 14 hits store shelves on September 10th, 2013.