It’s that time Destiny fans! This week is a special week because The Taken King came out on Tuesday. Xur’s inventory is going to be different from here on out, so pay attention. He can be located in the North Tower between the outfitter and The Speaker.

For those who aren’t aware, Xur’s weekly visits will change from here on out. Beginning this week, Xur will sell an item called ‘The Three of Coins” that will increade your chances of getting an exotic engram drop when you kill bosses. The other new addition is a “Legacy Engram”, which drops Year One exotics with taking the items you already own into consideration.

Here is his list:

  • Legacy Engram – Heavy Weapon
  • An Insurmountable Skullfort
  • Young Ahamkara’s Spine
  • The Impossible Machines
  • Exotic Helmet Engram

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